CHERRY JA-0650-2 Armrest - SLIDEPAD ERGO Sliding to Improve Ergonomics in the Workplace or Gaming

CHERRY JA-0650-2 Armrest - SLIDEPAD ERGO Sliding to Improve Ergonomics in the Workplace or Gaming

Sliding armrest to improve ergonomics at the workplace

The CHERRY SLIDEPAD ERGO is a sliding armrest designed to provide daily comfort for the dedicated typist but simple enough for the casual typist to benefit. The sliding armrest optimizes the position of your wrist and forearm when using either the mouse or keyboard. Reduce strain and feel comfortable as you work.

Comfortable and ergonomic

Comfortably nestle your forearm in the contour-padded surface, and enjoy complete freedom of movement. No need to lift your arm when switching from mouse to keyboard. Simply glide back and forth effortlessly with the pad, whether on a mouse mat or directly on the desk. The SLIDEPAD ERGO supports your arm and promotes an upright body posture reducing stress on your shoulders and back. This ergonomic position can help prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury) causing damage to muscles, tendons, and nerves.

Universal and yet individual

The CHERRY SLIDEPAD ERGO can be used with any keyboard or mouse - including vertical mice. Works with either left or right-hand, or both when using a second pad. Position your arm on the SLIDEPAD ERGO where it is most comfortable, from the front of the wrist to the back elbow area.

Easy to clean and durable

The pad is very easy to clean thanks to its high-quality synthetic leather surface. Made to withstand years of use, the pad will continue to look good on your desk.

The CHERRY SLIDEPAD ERGO clean and minimalist design provides the maximum ergonomic benefit. An elegantly designed accessory that makes your daily life noticeably easier.

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Manufacturer: CHERRY
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